Selecting Wine for Autumn

As the air becomes crisp and leaves fall to the ground, you know the seasons are changing. For many, autumn means outdoor gatherings smothered in blankets and bonfires and brightly colored leaves crunching underfoot. In many regions, fall offers a break from the heat of summer, and while the season changes, so do our habits.

Because wine is perfect no matter what the season, it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing more sweaters and the days are getting shorter. Wine pairs perfectly with every season. However, just like you look forward to changing your wardrobe as the seasons change, certain wines can add a special touch during specific seasons. This post covers some ideas of what to consider so that you choose the perfect Domaine wine to round out your autumn gatherings.

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Considerations for Fall Wine Selections

If you have a favorite wine that you enjoy all year long, by all means feel free to relish it throughout the fall as well. However, because most people tend to eat different foods at fall family gathering than they do at a poolside summer party, it makes sense to bring out some new wines specific for the season, even if you still rely on your favorites.

By making some simple considerations when choosing a wine for your next fall gathering, you can bring a note of perfection to your fall festivities:

  • You can choose both white and red wines. Although fall has you thinking of earthy tones like rich reds, it doesn’t mean that your wine should color coordinate. While summer white wines are typically light-bodied, just look for rich whites that impart warm flavor notes compared to their summery counterparts. Wine, regardless of color, that is aged in oak tends to offer notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla, all of which are fall-friendly choices. A white wine that pairs perfectly with spicy dishes and offers fruity notes associated with fall is our Kerner “Saturnales.” With its medium body, the acidity in this white offers the flexibility of being paired with a variety of foods.
  • You need to consider your menu. Regardless of the season, your menu largely dictates what you offer in terms of wine. You don’t have to be a wine expert to select the perfect combination between your food and wine. A successful pairing simply means that the wine highlights dish components in your dish and your dish does the same for the wine. In fall, fatty meats may call for full-bodied red wine, such as our Gamaret-Garanoir "Légende." With its deep red coloring and fruity aromas, you can enjoy the look and taste of this wine whether serving charcuterie or transitioning to a main course.
  • You don’t have to choose full-bodied reds. Because of the season, you may think only full-bodied reds will do, but those wines don’t always pair well with rich foods. Lighter body reds do well in fall because their acidity can balance out the richness of foods. Heavy dishes and creamy soups may be well elevated with a Pinot Noir. The depth and character of the Pinot Noir “Centaure” blends well with heavier meals you might be planning for in the fall. Light-body red wines like this have the complexity to pair with a wide range of meal options, making it perfect for group get-togethers in autumn.
  • Choose a wine you like. Pairing sounds complicated, but you can make it easier by starting with something you know and enjoy. Take notes about what you enjoy in the taste, aroma, and color of your favorite wine. Read a bit about your wine and branch out from there. You can look for wines with similar features but distinguishing characteristics. Wines that retain many of the aspects you enjoy in your favorite but that include some differences can help you understand other characteristics you enjoy in a wine. Build momentum from each new choice by always taking a step further from your favorite to explore new flavor profiles.
Swiss wine

Why Try Swiss Wine?

You may be familiar with the basics of wine, but perhaps you’ve never heard of Swiss wine. That’s okay because many people haven’t. For one, this landlocked country has found it difficult to export, but the domestic demand for wine in Switzerland is so extensive that the entire domestic production of wine satisfies less than half of the country’s demand. So if you’re looking for a new, unique wine for fall, branching out to a Swiss selection is guaranteed to bring about a new favorite.

Swiss wine has been a leading wine producer for centuries, and Domaine Dardagny is no exception with its 400-year legacy. Although exporting Swiss wine has been one reason for its obscurity through the ages, this never slowed Swiss wine producers. Focused on family-owned operations, fair wages, sustainable farming practices, and fascinating ingenuity, Swiss wine producers boast thousands of acres dedicated to making wine. In fact, wine is foundational to the Ramu family whose awarding-winning wines from Domaine Dardagny are produced fully on the family estate in Switzerland, from cultivation to cork.

Finding Swiss wine takes little more than a few clicks of the mouse, thanks to Domaine Dardagny. Curating the best of Swiss wine, including its own label, Swiss wine can be readily ordered and hand delivered to you locally in the Bay Area in California or shipped to other areas in the state. The handcrafted boxes containing your wine signify the standard of excellence Domaine Dardagny puts into its production, from grape to your door. A bottle of Swiss wine takes time, patience, and ingenuity to produce and offers a tasteful, elegant choice any time of the year.

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