Maison Gilliard


Maison Gilliard was proudly established in Sion, Switzerland, in 1885. Their philosophy combines tradition and innovation to create wines that faithfully reflect the Valais terroir. The vineyards, a mosaic of terraces on steep alpine slopes that tower high above the capital of Valais, bear witness to the passion and hard work that have tamed this once inhospitable landscape. Founded by Edmond Gilliard, a visionary winemaker from Fiez, the range quickly grew beyond "Clos du Mont" and "Brûle-Fer," fuelled by the quality and international recognition.

As the owner of a 75-hectare vineyard in the heart of the prestigious Sion appellation, Maison Gilliard today stands for tradition, the pursuit of excellence, and a natural interpretation of the Valais terroir. 

Maison Gilliard's flagship wines, the Dôle des Monts and the Fendant Les Murettes, epitomize this reputation the emaculate  reputation cultivated throughout. Over the years, Maison Gilliard’s has expanded to include the Porte de Novembre, Les Tonneliers, and Les Trésors de Famille lines. Today, Maison Gilliard produces over 50 wines and is a shining beacon of Swiss wine in the Valais. 

Maison Gilliard not only stands for excellent viticulture, but also for a deep commitment to our community. They actively promote cultural and social events in the region, participating in local festivals and organizing exclusive wine tastings. It is their belief that every sip of wine tells a story, and they proudly share these stories with you. The intentions behind Maison Gilliard's is not only to share the quality of their wines but also to celebrate the rich culture and tradition of Valais viticulture. 

As a bridge between the past and the future, Maison Gilliard is committed to preserving the natural heritage and the sustainable development of the Valais vineyards. 

Try a bottle and become a part of the Maison Gilliard story—a story characterized by passion, quality, and innovation for more than a century.