Domaine Les Hutins

SINCE 2008, Domaine Les Hutins has been led by Émilienne Hutin Zumbach, assisted by her father Jean Hutin, who gently handed over the reins to her. Émilienne Emrepresents the fifth generation of the family at the head of the Domaine.

He played a leading role in the Geneva wine revolution of the 80s. In collaboration with a few colleagues and thanks to the precious advice of the cantonal oenologist, Jean and his brother Pierre Hutin firmly chose to favor quality by fighting for yield limitation. They also enriched their vineyard with new grape varieties and highlighted the magnificent potential of a culture and a land that had hitherto been little exploited.

This new approach has generated increasingly appreciated, recognized and generously awarded wines.
Émilenne Hutin Zumbach's taste for working in the vineyard and wine awakened late, at the end of her studies, before becoming the unconditional love that finally devoted her "body and soul" to the profession of winemaker.

While raising her three children and working at the Domaine, Émilienne wanted to immerse herself in the profession through internships, then returned to studies at the Specialized School of Changins, where she obtained a diploma in oenology in 1995. followed in 2003 by a diploma in viticulture.
Finally in 2008, Émilienne took over the estate with her father.

A beautiful complicity is the key to their work. Émilienne reveals her talent and Jean, always enthusiastic, brings her his experience and his precious knowledge. Passionate but patient, they are looking for new paths, refining the search for quintessences, trying out winemaking and cultivation techniques. Their work is largely rewarded by an ever-growing reputation, by award-winning wines in the most advanced competitions, and in 2009 the Domaine des Hutins was invited to join the prestigious association "Memory of Swiss wines".

Today the harvest from the 19 hectares of the vineyard is entirely vinified, bottled and sold to the Domaine, and Emilienne's son, Guillaume Zumbach, very attached to the family vocation, will no doubt soon come to join the work of the Domaine.

This family signs its wines, and proudly defends the philosophy of the winemaker: the man through whom the terroir becomes wine.