Chasselas "Swissness"

Chasselas "Swissness"

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Cave de la Côte's flagship Chasselas from the Vaud region of Switzerland is now available with DDI wine.  

Part of our mission is to represent the iconic Swiss grape of Chasselas from all regions of Switzerland. Cave de la Cote's Chasselas is the first in our portfolio to open as the introductory white wine of Switzerland. It is famed for its fresh round body, effervescent bubble dancing on your tongue, and tantalizing lime blossom notes at the finish. This wine is the perfect aperitif for any occasion. 

Boquet: A floral nose of white peach and lime blossom with a nice minerality on the back

Palate: A wonderful crisp freshness upfront followed with white fruits and pineapple notes, complimented with a light effervescent bubbly-ness and smooth acid. 
Pairings: Aperitif wine is good for just opening a bottle in the afternoon or a pre-dinner wine. Pair with light tapas, charcuterie boards, or melon with prosciutto.