Rosé of Gamaret & Garanoir

Rosé of Gamaret & Garanoir

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Rose Rose

Joining the collection is our sought out Rosé of Gamaret and Garanoir from Domaine les Hutin — led by producer Émilenne Hutin Zumbach. She is one of the first women Enologists of Switzerland who follows ‘BioSuisse’ guidelines, joining the organic farming renaissance.

This bold, biodynamic rosé emits crushed raspberries and orange zest. Expect lingering notes of nutmeg and citrus that settle over flavors of bright red strawberries and light tannins.

This medium-bodied rosé could be enjoyed al fresco with tapas or intimately at a seafood dinner. Try pairing this with a spicy crudo or consider sharing this wine with friends at a bbq.

Click here to learn more about Domaine les Hutins and how they are at the forefront of sustainable and revolutionary wine-making techniques.